Hall of Fame Recognizing the Titans of their Era

Created in 2012, the BRFC Hall of Fame is meant to reward people who have demonstrated a remarkable commitment to the Club as Players and/or Officers over the years. They are members for life of the Club. Once every season, the Committee nominates the annual promotion on the proposal of its Officers and of Hall of Fame Members.




Thomas BEYNON (2012)

Capable of playing at almost any position thanks to his extraordinary technical skill, especially as a number 8, “Tom” was a BRFC player for more than 10 seasons. A proud Welshman, he has organised countless memorable tours to Cardiff (club and private), and has contributed to many more. He also played a major part in the design of countless regular season & tour kits.




Julian CROOME (2012)

“Jules” was team captain during the 1992 & 1993 seasons. He played from 1990 to 1995, and then again from 1999 to 2003. He was on the Committee most of those years and confesses it was only an excuse to get out of the house.

Jules recalls: “I really enjoyed playing at the club, training at the SAC in the old days and I met a lot of good friends playing in the club and have some great memories. I also learned to like welsh people. My favorite sporting moments was beating police-92 in the final, and favorite drinking moment was when Derek did a bar dive off the barrel in the frog and rosbif and no one remembered to catch him.”



Guy GRUNDY (2012)

As a dedicated player for countless years, Guy served as Club Secretary for 5 seasons in a row under the hectic presidency of Derek Lewis.

He was last seen in 2008 wearing our colors at an official Cup game against Rueil Malmaison. At an age when his Saturday afternoons were typically spent resting or “shopping with the Missus”, Guy graciously stepped in to play winger and saved the day – we won 6-3.



Eudes LE GARS (2012)

An excessive and beloved character, Eudes has played for the Club since 1998, and he served as a Committee Member and later Vice-President between 2006 and 2010. Time caught up a bit and had him switch from two-digit to one-digit number shirts, yet he remains one of the Club’s most fervent supporters.



John LLOYD (2012)

As one of the living legends of the Club, John played and served as a Committee officer from the late 80’s all the way through the late 90’s. He was a formidable auctioneer and raffle drawer. He is remembered by many as a fierce second row who won many trophies with the BRFC.





Chris LUIJKX (2013)

Club Captain from 2002 to 2005, Chris was a model to all on and off the pitch. He was a fantastic leader and athlete, a ferocious tackler and a great tourer. Chris left us too early on December 19, 2012. We dedicated the 90th Anniversary game to his memory and distributed the proceeds to the Agence Française pour la Lutte contre les Tumeurs Cérébrales.


Quentin MARTIN (2012)

A good 15 or utility back whenever he was not injured, Quentin was also the Club Secretary for at least 5 seasons in the 2000 years. Despite a teenager-like propensity to find many a thing “awesome”, he also did a formidable work obtaining licenses for generations of foreign players at BRFC.


Darren SIMPSON (2012)

Club Captain for 8 seasons, “Daz” is the only BRFC player to have ever worn a French National Jersey (Selection Française de Rugby d’Entreprise) at his favourite number 9 position. Although his most recent appearances at BRFC on Tour were in the front row, he is still hoping to play a last season with the Club – when his house is finished, that is.

Richard URQUHART (2012)

An example for all inside and outside of the Club, “Rick” played his last official game with BRFC at the honourable age of 48, deserving every minute he spent on the pitch on that season. The living definition of what you would expect of a Highlander, he was and still is an unbelievable second or third row nobody ever heard complaining, and he helped the Club through countless seasons as much as a player as one of its strong social pillars.